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Who am I and what is this blog?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Die Wald-Seite celebrates promotion to the Bundesliga, May 27th 2019

My name is Richard, I'm 35, have been in Berlin for nearly 5 years and have been an Union Berlin fan for just as long. I'm also a member and a season ticket holder down at the Alte Försterei. So why suddenly a blog? Well there's always match reports and YouTube highlights of every game, but often that's not what going to the football is about. Let's face it, the football can sometimes be the worst 90 minutes of the day. This blog intends to cover some of those moments that happen every week outside of the 90 minutes, especially for those Union fans who can't make it to the games. But don't worry, I'll still talk about the games.

With every season that passes I'm finding myself at more and more Union games. Last season I made 26 out of a possible 38; the most yet. This season however, with their very first season in the Bundesliga, I'm aiming for 100%.

So join me as I spend the season following Union around Germany, as I not only talk about what's happening, but also what led me to fall back in love with going to football after so long being stuck in England.


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